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Sara Adlerstein

Bio: Born in Chile, I left 30 years ago to attend graduate school at the University of Washington. I am an applied aquatic ecologist and currently a faculty member at the School of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan. I did not pursue academic training in the arts and have been painting for as long as I have been a scientist. I have curated national and international exhibits, and I teach courses bridging arts and sciences to students of diverse backgrounds. My work has been shown in galleries and museums in Chile, Europe, Canada and the US and is part of public and private art collections, and has been published in books and magazines.

In my world, art and science belong together as naturally as air and water. Both inform my work influencing my approach. Observation, experimentation, improvisation, searching for patterns all comes together within the creative process. As such I have developed my own mixed media techniques and my research influences the subject of my paintings. The process has been magical, nurturing and informative. My paintings are often environmentally based and images build on my experience as a scientist and my sensibility as an artist to communicate concerns, dreams, and emotions all emerging from a deep and relentless love for life.

Website: saraadlerstein.com