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Norma Penchansky-Glasser

CONVERSATIONS… Drawings, Sculpture, and Artist’s Books

  • My aim in making, drawings, sculpture and artist’s books is to capture motion, to freeze a moment in time. The works I produce seem to me to be continually conversing and overlapping. The process in all three media is the same for me:  I start with an idea, collect images and information and finally realize the completed work.
  • The drawings are inspired by the line, gesture, and movement of dancers. I draw with watercolor crayon and washes on watercolor paper.

I use the lost wax process to create the sculptures, which reflect the constant flow of the figure in dance and repose.

  • I construct the books by mono-printing the paper, choosing and collaging images depicting the message I wish to convey in a format that allows a sense of kinetic energy.

Norma Penchansky-Glasser