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Nina Hauser

Combining my love of travel and the exotic with my love of making images is facilitated by being able to always have a little camera in my pocket……no need for a heavy camera bag, an assortment of lenses along with all the other paraphernalia that photographers are very attached to. 

When I create an image I try to project the pleasure and fascination that a certain structure, landscape,  sense of place  gives to me ………especially something whose original function has changed in some way and yet the remains are purposeful and wonderful on many levels.   Sharing this moment with a viewer ,which can give pause and transmit this delight, is what motivates me.

Making images for me is a way of life……..I can't imagine not doing it………it's what feeds my soul.

 All of my images in the past six years  have been taken and edited with my iPhone or iPad  and then transferred to my computer for final editing and printing.   Each image has been printed on a fine art digital printer using archival pigment inks and paper. Each image is part of a limited print edition.

See more at: www.ninaehauser.com