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lcole encaustic + oil

I spend time in my studio ‘making’ because it gives me pleasure and adds structure to my life. It’s something I’ve always done in one way or another. The larger reason I compose visually is to create a little calmness. Whether or not it is “art” is up to the viewer.

These days my work is non narrative - it’s about mood or say, an interesting line. I suppose a line is a narrative of sorts, but it’s a story that comes from the viewer. I  don’t intend to ‘tell’ anyone anything. My intention is more to cause a moment of feeling peace or contemplation.

It is pleasurable to look at non-narrative motion - like water on the ocean, shadows on the wall, clouds against the sky. Imagine the feeling you get while looking at a vast green field or a calm blue or silver ocean. Those sorts of scenes give a sense of what I try to impart. I can’t actually ‘say’ what I’m trying to get across. The viewer just has to get it and make it his or her own.

I experimented with line, composition, color while studying clothing and textile design at MSU. I studied botany at UM. I lived in London, England for 5 years. These things all influence my ‘making’ The biggest influence today is the natural world and the idea and feeling of tranquility.

I use encaustic wax because of the depth and luminescence  it gives. It is my primary medium. I also love taking photos and adjusting them . . . or not. I have combined silver or palladium leaf with acrylic pieces or with DuraLar. I usually use the silver or palladium leaf + acrylic or DuraLar in grids - see Rain from Art Prize 2011

& more at: lcole.com